Tom Gasek

Tom Gasek

Associate Professor

Rochester Institute of Technology

 Tom Gasek has over 30 years of award winning professional stop motion animation experience as an animator and director. He animated on directors, Will Vinton’s “Claymation”, Art Clokey’s “Gumby”, Henry Selick’s “Coraline” and Nick Park’s “The Wrong Trousers” and “Chicken Run.” Tom produced, directed and animated two award winning short independent stop motion films, “Off-Line” and “Ain’t No Fish”. He is currently working on a short “pixilated” film called “4 @ 60.” Gasek wrote a book on non-puppet stop motion photographic techniques for Focal Press called “Frame by Frame Stop Motion.” He is an Associate Professor at RIT.

Photographic Animation for Film Makers and Photographers

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Gasek currently teaches in the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been a professional stop motion animator for over 30 years and started teaching in 2005. His credits include puppet animation for films like “”Chicken Run”” “”Coraline””, “”Wallace & Gromit – “”The Wrong Trousers”” among many more television […]

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