Sue Zielinski

Sue Zielinski

Independant Consultant

Global Sustainable Transportation

Sue is a change agent for cities and mobility.  She has been involved with initiatives around innovating and advancing smart, sustainable mobility systems including the industry and enterprise that supplies them for over 25 years.

Most recently she led SMART (Sustainable Mobility & Accessibility Research & Transformation) at the University of Michigan, supporting Ford Motor’s move from car company to mobility company.  She led an innovative public-private approach for leaders implementing Mobility-as-a-Service (applied in over 25 cities world-wide). She developed MobiPrize and Platform to connect and advance new Mobility industry and enterprise globally.  Prior to that, she was a Harvard Loeb Fellow and she also worked at the City of Toronto’s planning department. Sue has been an advisor to Techstars Mobility Detroit, World Economic Forum, WBCSD, TRB, MaaS Alliance, OECD ITF, National Academy of Sciences as well as the King of Sweden.    

Future of Smart Transportation and Mobility

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

Cars, buses, trains, planes; our daily modes of transportation are a necessity but are also the number one contributors to pollution worldwide. How can we rethink mobility to create a sustainable future? What new technologies and innovations will lead the way? How will upcoming changes affect our day to day lives, and when will we […]

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