STEAMLabs offers educational, learn and play maker programs and camps for kids in collaborative, inclusive environments around Toronto. At STEAMLabs, students are the instigators of their own learning, and seek out knowledge and skills (with the guidance of mentors) in order to imagine, design and create projects that interest them.
When kids are empowered to be makers, amazing things happen in their lives. By being creators instead of just consumers, they are learning to be the innovators of the future, today. Their confidence in their own abilities allows them to make the change they want to see in the world. STEAMLabs tailors its programs to enhance soft skills – confidence, entrepreneurship, teamwork, collaboration, resourcefulness and more. We help youth and adults understand themselves and enhance their skills in all areas!

If you prefer projects over textbooks, prototyping over practicing, collaboration over competition and creativity over conformity, then STEAMLabs is for you!



Robotic Dreams Future Cities

25 Dockside Drive - Multi Purpose Room

Have you ever dreamed about what a city will look like in the future? Or thought how the products or devices you use every day will change and improve in the years to come? At the Robotic Dreams Future Cities workshop, participants will learn to use robotic components such as a servo motor and controller […]

Family Day Paid Workshop