StageKeep is a performance productivity software company based out of Toronto focused on reducing the production timelines for (but not limited to) the dance and cheerleading industries. Founded by long time entertainment industry professional, Axel Villamil, he brought on classmate and later co-founder William Mak and successfully won their alma mater’s, University of Toronto, start-up competition and began developing the software in February 2017. In less than a year, the duo has moved from working out of coffee shops to growing their team to seven, have interest from Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet on their story, interest from the NBA’s partners such as Maple Leaf Entertainment and being fully supported by the University of Toronto and three of their campus-linked accelerators.

With both founders’ backgrounds in computer science and Axel’s professional background in over 15 years of professional experience in theatre, dance, music and film, the duo was able to clearly see the need as well as the lack of technology that aided the productivity of the entertainment industry. With coaches and choreographers still having to settle for planning their performances with pen and paper in an age of booming technology, Axel and William decided that it was time to bring these artists out of the dark ages.

Their vision was simple, StageKeep saves productions time and gives better tools for these artists to create. The company is committed to honouring and respecting these visionaries. Saying this, the tagline “What’s your move?” not only speaks about the movement in a performance but also the action in taking the next step to a path of boundless creativity.

TORONTO, ONTARIO: Mar 1, 18 – StageKeep performs a dance routine during the Startup Showcase during Entrepreneurship week in Toronto, Ontario on March 1, 2018.
(Laura Pedersen Photo)

StageKeep is available now on the iOS, Google Play and Web Browser.

StageKeep Dance Performance

Sugar Hall - Artscape Lanchpad

Join us for a breathtaking performance presented by StageKeep!

Opening Ceremony Performance