Scott King

Scott King

Strategy Director

Critical Mass

Scott joined Critical Mass in  2012. He considers himself an expert at providing strategy for “grudge purchase” brands like consumer packaged goods (Clorox, Glad, Liquid Plumr) and financial services (Citi, USAA). His background also includes 16 years in digital marketing and advertising across a range of brands and industries. Given the chance to pick between a book and movie, he’ll pick the movie every single time. No apologies.

Beyond the Shadows: Business Lessons from the Dark Web

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

2.4 billion personal records were stolen in 2018. At this moment in time we produce more data about ourselves every minute than ever before. Some of it deliberately and in our control; much of it completely behind the scenes. Meanwhile a shadow of the Internet has been built with the idea of producing and storing […]

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