Rosa Duran

Rosa Duran


George Brown College

Rosa Duran is an interdisciplinary collaborator, educator, student advocate and social innovator.  With over 17 years of experience working in post-secondary institutions, Rosa utilizes Adult Education principals and Digital Technology as tools for community development and optimizing organizational capacity.  She practices a co-creation approach when creating physical and/or online spaces to enhance the user experience. Rosa actively seeks opportunities to work with individuals from different disciplines to collectively disrupt systems that marginalize communities.  


Imagining Futurities

130 Queens Quay East - Room 246

We currently live, teach and work in one of the most unpredictable and uncertain times in history. In this interactive workshop, participants will be immersed in a dynamic workshop to demonstrate that to thrive in this world, we need to look beyond our typical lens and seek out new strategies. In this workshop, we will […]

Educators Forum Workshop