Ron Di Carlantonio

Ron Di Carlantonio

Founder & CEO


Ron is the CEO and founder of iNAGO, a Tokyo/Toronto-based company creating next-generation conversational digital assistants.

Graduating from Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Waterloo, Ron moved to Japan and created the cult software AQUAZONE – a virtual aquarium with artificial life. Wanting more, Ron focused on making computers more human-like. In 1998, he founded iNAGO and created netpeople, a software platform enabling humans to interact naturally with computers. In Japan, Toyota, NEC and others have used netpeople in next-generation solutions from smartphones to robots. In 2015, Ron launched netpeople in North America to power automotive and all smart devices.

The Next Generation of Human-Like Vehicles

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

Computers are becoming smarter, more conversational and human-like. And, so are cars! Over the next 10 years mobility will change drastically and so will the way we interact with our vehicles.  In this talk we will look at what will change and the opportunities that exist to be part of the next generation of human-like […]

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