Owen Fernley

Owen Fernley

Co-founder & Creative Developer

Pixels and Plans

Owen Fernley is an engineer and musician whose web-based projects explore systems and algorithms found in nature, physics and math. Drawing from his experience as both a media artist and research geophysicist, he solves cross-disciplinary challenges through exploration and experimentation. He has built computation engines in Fortran and C, while at the same time conceiving of electroacoustic performances such as the Decomposing Pianos trilogy and 88 Years. Through these seemingly disconnected experiences, he has discovered firsthand how each reinforces the other. His interactive data visualizations focus on physics simulations and modelling, vector graphics, 3D immersive worlds, music visualizers, projection mapping, and time-based art. He co-founded Pixels and Plans with his partner and long-time collaborator Julia Krolik, working on projects that bridge the gap between inaccessible knowledge and the public by harnessing the powers of technology and the imagination.


130 Queens Quay East - Room 233

The JPEG is dead! With the arrival of interactive web-based technology this panel questions why art exhibitions are still reduced to a collection of static JPEG files. Presented by Art the Science/Pixels & Plans founder Julia Krolik and creative developer Owen Fernley, this session takes a deep dive into the future of online art exhibitions. […]

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