Lina Maria Avendano

Lina Maria Avendano

Industrial & Jewellery Designer

George Brown College

Lina Maria Avendano was born in Medellin, the fashion city of Colombia; from my childhood, she began to relate the world of design and art as a lifestyle. Her grandmother, a Spanish literature professor with great passion for porcelain painting, was the match that sparked Lina’s passion for art, literature and design, love for beauty and functionality. In 2004, she began her studies in Industrial Design at the Pontificia Bolivariana University (UPB), a place where she found the magic that holds the Jewellery. In 2013, Lina studied Jewellery Arts at George Brown College.

Digital Innovation + Jewellery

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

Advances in science and engineering act as catalysts to the creative arts. ¬†Jewellery has been viewed as a craft using very traditional process requiring years of hands-on- training. However, technological advances such as 3D printing, modelling and computer aided design have started disrupting the jewellery making process. In this panel, we look at how the […]

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