Giacomo Giannella

Giacomo Giannella



Giacomo is the creative and visionary soul of Streamcolors. He is a digital artist and a video game veteran with close to 15 years of experience.  He is the Video games Art Director and professor of Video games Art Direction at the IED University in Milan. His passion for technology, philosophy, nature and science drove him to create a generative art system, through a 3d graphic alphabet (the Giants), where he manipulates images in real time to create videos and art works. In his work, Giacomo opens the doors to a new perception of the visible in an abstract, interactive, unexpected and unique way.

Unexpected Words: Tools + Game Experiences to Unleash Creativity

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

Streamcolors explores creativity in their work by mixing art, design and technology. They are known for their large-scale video art installations and immersive rooms customized for museums and fashion shows in Italy and Europe. Streamcolors will share their creative process while undertaking the development of two installations featured at Digifest: Stream Machine Virtual Design and […]