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Cyborg Art Collective


Cyborg Art Collective

The Cyborg Art Collective is a multidisciplinary group that does not operate from a fixed location, and its members working on a particular project can vary. The main focus in every project are about philosophical and scientific questions surrounding conventional technologies and everyday life. The Cyborg Art Collective sees art as an important facet of society which can be viewed as a system mediating between different discourses, fields of study and the culture in general. And through this process of mediating between different discourses the goal is to disseminate ideas, concepts and beliefs held by these different fields of study.

In the last four years the Cyborg Art Collective created and exhibited various types of art projects in many different countries at all sorts of events. Projects like The Ultimate Exhibition, Portrayed.exe and Project Key Code have been on display for diverse audiences at art fairs, festivals and conferences. This includes events like the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, exhibitions like Vita Tua Vita Mea during the Venice art biennials, and conferences like Toronto Digifest. During each of these events the Cyborg Art Collective aims to provide the audience with the possibility to actively interact with the artworks to generate insights and new knowledge through experience.

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Nowadays social media seems an important aspect of today‚Äôs society. And online communication through this medium also became part of contemporary culture. Project Key Code focuses on these forms of interaction by looking at its influence on dialogues with regards to expression. Verbally it seems we are able to say one word with much more […]