Colin Singh Dhillon is the Chief Technical Officer at Canada’s Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA). He is leading all connected and autonomous vehicle (C/AV) technology projects and providing support to the Canadian automotive industry on matters of Vehicles of the Future and Industry 4.0.

With over nineteen years of experience in the automotive sector, Colin has been a visionary in establishing and implementing new ideas to support innovative design. His prior responsibilities for a global Tier 1 parts supplier included being the lead in Product Design, Marketing & Communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, and leading the global Advanced Product Development (R&D) teams.

In addition to his position as CTO, he also continues to spread his passion for innovation and design-thinking through speaking engagements and lectures at academic institutions and global conferences.

Future of Smart Transportation and Mobility

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

Cars, buses, trains, planes; our daily modes of transportation are a necessity but are also the number one contributors to pollution worldwide. How can we rethink mobility to create a sustainable future? What new technologies and innovations will lead the way? How will upcoming changes affect our day to day lives, and when will we […]

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