Charles Bern

Charles Bern

Founding Partner

PATIO Interactive

Charles is the founding partner of PATIO Interactive, a design and development agency specializing in technology-driven business solutions. He started the company in 2014, focused on enhancing user experiences by combining disruptive technology with business strategy. Now working with a wide range of forward-thinking companies, PATIO has since become a leader in creating immersive and extended reality software that helps businesses “thrive in disruption”

Creative Branding + Cannabis

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

How can we use design thinking to reinvent and de-stigmatize the budding cannabis market? In this panel, we take a look at how innovative design firms are at the forefront of re-branding the budding cannabis industry by re-defining the market and bringing revolutionary products and services to consumers. In this panel, we meet with founders […]

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