So You Landed Your First Job… Now What?

25 Dockside Drive - Studio 3

Most of our student life battle ends after getting a professional job. We spend hours studying, working on group projects, polishing resumes and when we land the first dream job – life enters a comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with that, but if the comfort stays for too long, then there is a higher chance of having a growthless mediocre life.

This is not a motivational talk (well, little part of it maybe). This talk will deliver tips and tricks to grow creatively after you land your first job. We all have finite number of hours a day. After attending a full time job, resting enough and giving time to family, it is very hard to allocate time for professional growth.

This talk will demonstrate how to hack time wisely and utilize creatively. It will design a plan for ones successful growth in professional field. This talk will also bring up everyday wearable technology devices that someone can use to achieve excellence.

The presenter will also share his stories and experience of achieving two masters degree (one with a thesis), few professional certifications while maintaining a full time job (and part time teaching).

The end goal is to give the audience some DIY ideas that they can take back home, think on it and plan their own quest to accomplish lifelong creative goals.

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