Sensory Design Exercises: A Novel Approach to Student Engagement

130 Queens Quay East - Room 246

It is becoming increasingly clear that sensory experiences are key to enriching and mediating people’s lived experiences in fields as diverse as anthropology, design, engineering, psychology, education, sociology, and urban planning, among others.


The Sense-It! Design Research Team has been developing a toolkit to enable design students to learn about design features that can influence how a person perceives a product. The Sense-It Kit addresses a gap in the literature for approaches that enable novice design students and practitioners to develop a critical understanding of multi-sensory design features and interactions between people and products.

Through usability studies with students, educators, and practitioners the kit has proved to not only address that gap, but also create a more effective and engaging learning experience. The Sense-It Team will offer a guided workshop for participants interested in learning about sensory engagement through experiencing structured educational activities, experimenting with kit elements, and exploring the potential of sensory learning tools in areas beyond design.

Educators Forum Workshop