ROM’s Christian Dior Exhibit Research & the Pattern Technology Used

25 Dockside Drive - Studio 3

This presentation is based on the research done for the ROM’s Christian Dior exhibition, specifically the ROM’s collection of Christian Dior haute couture, from 1947-1957, the research involved in-depth analyses of the brilliant designer’s complex processes and techniques.

The presentation will outline the process used in decoding the iconic pieces in the research such as the red cocktail dress “Delphine”, the “Zigomar” suit and the “Pamplune” dress. In order to showcase and highlight the method used in the analysis of the research a combination of a Power Point presentation of the research will be presented as well as a demonstration of the pattern software used and the technical illustration development.

The presentation brings into focus the importance of technology in the study of fashion design from the past and understanding it in a digital pattern development format. A comparison of the digital patterns reproduced in the research and how they relate to the current pattern making methods used in today’s designs will be analyzed and discussed.

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