Photographic Animation for Film Makers and Photographers

130 Queens Quay East - Room 232

Gasek currently teaches in the School of Film and Animation at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has been a professional stop motion animator for over 30 years and started teaching in 2005. His credits include puppet animation for films like “”Chicken Run”” “”Coraline””, “”Wallace & Gromit – “”The Wrong Trousers”” among many more television and commercial projects. He has also produced independent animated films that can be viewed here.

Last year Gasek completed the second edition of his book “Frame by Frame Stop Motion” for CRC Press about non-puppet photographic stop motion techniques like pixilation, time-lapse photography, light painting and much more. He has given several workshops on these digital, dslr camera-based techniques in places like Siggraph (LA), Jilin Animation Institute in China (under a Fulbright specialist grant) and in Lodz Poland at the Se-ma-for Studios.

Technology has given some of these older techniques new life through digital forms. In this workshop, Gasek will be demonstrating a couple of these techniques to participants. This includes dslr cameras and capture software (Dragon Frame). He will have several demonstrations that require participants from the group to assist him in these simple animation exercises that demonstrate the tools and effects of this approach to photographic animation. So come prepared to get up off your feet and get into some animation!

Educators Forum Workshop