Leveraging Technology to Triple Participation Rates in Class Discussions

130 Queens Quay East - Room 246

Class Discussions teach young people to be more open-minded, to actively consider different perspectives. The best research in education also shows that discussions double learning outcomes compared to the typical teaching strategy. Finally, discussions equip students with the critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills they will need to succeed in an increasingly automated 21st Century.

BUT, class discussions aren’t inclusive by nature. Research shows that the typical class discussion sees about 25% of students actively and willingly participate in the conversation. The immense benefits of this time-tested pedagogy are lost on most students in the classroom.

Enter Parlay – a Toronto-based education startup that helps teachers inspire meaningful, measurable and inclusive discussions in their classrooms.

In the fall of 2018, Parlay Ideas partnered with The District School Board of Niagara and The Iowa City Community School District to evaluate how our blended learning approach to class discussions affected engagement and participation in student-driven discussions.

In this talk, McDonald will talk about Parlay’s methodology, unique approach to discussions, the results from their study and how they plan to parlay them into continuing to build interactive and engaging educational experiences for students all over the world.

Educators Forum Talk