Games You Keep Playing After Putting The Device Down

25 Dockside Drive - Studio 3

There are times when a person will use a device to play a game that is designed to make them keep playing. Forever. Then there are games that encourage that person to put the device down and play on without it.

Games where the goal is to give the player all they need to keep playing without ever using the device again for that game. Games that keep you hooked to the screen are using feedback loops to hold your focus. If you do something well you get positive feedback and you keep your focus on the game. If you do something badly you get negative feedback and you still keep your focus on the game. This is not true in life outside that game.

If you do something well, you lose focus and if you do something badly, you lose focus. Success is a distraction that can lead to complacency. Failure is a distraction that preys on the mind.

How do you find your focus when it gets disrupted?

How do you develop technology that helps you train to find your focus?

How do you take that training back into the world again?

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