Beyond the Shadows: Business Lessons from the Dark Web

25 Dockside Drive - Main Stage

2.4 billion personal records were stolen in 2018. At this moment in time we produce more data about ourselves every minute than ever before. Some of it deliberately and in our control; much of it completely behind the scenes. Meanwhile a shadow of the Internet has been built with the idea of producing and storing less data. And it is thriving. You’ve heard it called the “Dark Web.” Today it is associated with drugs, murder, human trafficking and pornography. All of that is true. What’s also true: The principles on which the Dark Web is built apply outside the Dark Web too. Decentralization, liberal application of encryption, automated escrow services to name a few. These might sound complicated, but a big reason the Dark Web has been successful (besides the recession-proof nature of vice) is because it’s also remarkably easy to use. Luckily some companies are bringing products to market that are built this way. Tomorrow our personal information will be harder to get, harder to abuse and more in our control.

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