Innovator Profile: Imran Mouna

Welcome to the first Digifest Startup Innovator profile, featuring Imran Mouna, a co-founder of InStage, a startup that is bringing virtual reality (VR) to the corporate world.

For the past few years, people have thought of VR as a glorified entertainment platform. InStage, a Toronto-based startup has been proving that it is more than just games and we are starting to see VR moving away from entertainment and into industries like medicine, real-estate, and commerce.  

You may have seen InStage taking the grand prize of the IT’S A START Pitch Competition this year. Fresh off their worldwide pitch competition circuit, including stops at the Lion’s Lair and OTEC in China, Digifest had a chance to catch up with them. See the full interview here.

Learn more about InStage and how they are bringing VR to a business audience here: