Join us for a Saturday filled with family fun for all ages!


Every year Digifest opens its doors to the public to educate, amaze, and spark a conversation about the future. Experience the curated expo floor of the Interactive Zone, sit in on talks from leading educators and young creators like Arushi & Artash Nath, get hands on with STEM workshops and take a guided tour through a Partner Studio.

Calling all students! Join us for talks on career advancement, skill building workshops, and networking opportunities with potential employers.

Discover for all ages!



Get hands on with workshops for all ages. Learn a new skill, improve your workflow, and prep for the future. Participants looking to attend must pre-register for a free/paid ticket to attend the workshop.

Discovering Hoop Dance

The First Nations’ hoop dance is older than the grass. But younger than the mountains. Learn this traditional energetic, acrobatic dance to hone your agility and coordination.
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Exploring the Wonder of Motors

Learn how to bring motors into your classroom for FREE using electronics that are easily salvaged.

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Robotic Dreams Future Cities

Learn to use robotic components such as a servo motor and controller, then take those new found skills and create a future device of your own!
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Get inspired! Sit and listen to a curated selection of speakers talk about everything from creating a "maker" family to best practices for game design, choosing a career path and more!

Saikat Asaduzzaman

George Brown College

So You Landed Your First Job... Now What?

Michael Conway

George Brown College

Games You Keep Playing After Putting The Device Down

Arushi & Artash Nath


Hacking to Raise Creators, Not Consumers!

Jeffrey Pidsadny

Sheridan College

Diagrams for Game Designers: Show Vs. Tell

Carl Spidla

Mythical Voltage

In Frame: What Video Games Can Learn From Graphic Novels


Take a futuristic folding bike for a ride around the block with Revelo; experience and understand the realities of living with autism in the Autism Reality Experience.

Autism Reality Experience

The Autism Reality Experience is an innovative and inspirational training session designed to give participants a virtual experience of living with autism. This is a very practical, hands on experience that gives participants a greater insight into autism and helps us see the world from an autistic person’s perspective. 


15 Minute Sessions will be running the whole day.

Participate in pairs!


Revelo’s premium folding bike are the most portable and convenient designs for city living. Revelo’s patented innovations result in bikes that fold and roll faster, store thinner and ride better. Revelo knows that well-designed portable vehicles empower people to Go Everywhere.


Experience the fun and freedom. 


Ride Revelo!

Interactive Zone

Digifest's curated expo floor of immersive experiences, futuristic products and thought provoking installations will be open for public viewing on Family Day!


Explore the workplaces of the future, right here in Toronto! Enjoy guided tours through innovative community spaces and experience exhibitions from all around the world.

Artscape Launchpad

Launchpad is a state-of-the-art facility that houses a unique mix of multi-disciplinary creative production studios, equipment and tools as well as spacious, open work and collaboration spaces along Toronto’s waterfront. 

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Address: 130 Queen’s Quay East, 4th floor

Goethe Institute

Touching From A Distance presents recent digital art works immersed into the book shelves and media hardware at the Goethe Media Space. All works deal with transmediation, the process of translating information between different co-existing media–analog or digital, written or visual. Artists featured include:

Jonas Blume (DE), Manja Ebert (DE), Ornella Fieres (DE), Aron Lesnik (DE), Lorna Mills (CAN), Sarah Oh-Mock (DE), Julia Charlotte Richter (DE), Anna Ridler (UK), The Swan Collective (DE), Tina Wilke (DE).

Curated by Tina Sauerländer (peer to space)

Time: 12:00 – 1:00pm

Address: 100 University Ave, North Tower, 2nd Floor

Watch Out

On a forgotten military facility run by a low funded government agency, an invisible abomination hasbroken free. In this 3vs1 competitive game, you play as

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A conspiracy theorist stumbles upon a mysterious distress call from a woman in trouble. Following the trail, he finds himself drawn into the machinations of

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Snow Day

Snowday is a fun and fast-paced collection of winter themed mini-games. From tobogganing tocapture the flag, the neighborhood kids aren’t letting a little wild weather

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Out Of Time

Out of Time is a 2D arena brawler.Battle for control of the timestream continuum with different chrononauts.Shoot enemies with ninja stars, bladed feathers, and interchronic

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Highway Havoc

Take to the roads and destroy your competition. Load up your crane and fight for road superiority bylaunching objects to break, blow up, or knock

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Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a Local Co-op Puzzle Platformer focused on facilitating teamwork and communication between two players. It stars two camp counselors who must gather

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Basket Brawler

BasketBrawlers is a 2.5D arcade fighting game based around The National BasketBrawlers Tournament (NBT), the largest sporting event in the world. Play as one of

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