Trail Mix

Trail Mix is a Local Co-op Puzzle Platformer focused on facilitating teamwork and communication between two players. It stars two camp counselors who must gather their lost campers and traverse the wilderness. Collected campers attach to the players and form strange shapes, which can be used to navigate the wilderness and solve challenging puzzles.  The game’s art style is inspired by watercolour and ink comics such as Calvin and Hobbes, classic flash games like Alien Hominid, and the tile based abstraction and rigidity of NES platformers like Kirby’s Adventure.

Trail Mix is made by Puzzsoft, a team of four game designers graduating from Sheridan College’s Game Design Program. Trail Mix is our thesis project, and was made over the last 8 months through an experimental, exploratory design process inspired by Jonathan Blow’s talk on “Truth in Game Design”.

Our team is made up of:
-Rachel Theil, focusing on project management and code
-JohnLee Cooper, focusing on level design and code
-Michael Guattery, focusing on art direction and tech art
-Marty Daniels, focusing on design and animation
-Colman Xie, Ryan Maxwell, and Patrick Flattery, focusing on audio