Unexpected Words: Tools + Game Experiences to Unleash Creativity

Streamcolors explores creativity in their work by mixing art, design and technology. They are known for their large-scale video art installations and immersive rooms customized for museums and fashion shows in Italy and Europe. Streamcolors will share their creative process while undertaking the development of two installations featured at Digifest: Stream Machine Virtual Design and A Streamcolors Odyssey: Shape, Time, Space and Color.

With the Stream Machine Virtual Design, participants are invited to see and explore different  immersive virtual scenarios and then create and personalize an object of their own.  The Stream Machine Virtual Design station will be located at the School of Design’s INStore.

In their second installation,  A Streamcolors Odyssey: Shape, Time, Space and Color, participants will also be able to create their own space inside an immersive room or videogame.

About Streamcolors

Streamcolors is a Milan based digital art studio founded by Giacomo Giannella and Giuliana Geronimo in 2014. They are a team of eclectic visionaries, video games veterans and experts of cultural divulgation. Streamcolors specialises in real-time software development and in the production of interactive solutions, immersive experiences, videos, VR and video games for worldwide clients including cultural institutions, companies, design and fashion brands. They are a pioneer in bridging the Unreal Epic Games graphic engine outside the boundaries of the game industry.

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