SmartCane is a reimagined assistive tech. device for the visually impaired that is bringing the white can to the 21st century to enable independence and safety. Designed with the user in mind, theSmartCane is a white cane with value-added features including object detection capabilities, GPS navigation through haptic feedback, and computer vision for object classification to describe a person’s surroundings.


Riya is a 15 year-old student from Toronto, Ontario. She is an entrepreneur and CEO of SmartCane, and is extremely passionate about harnessing technology to better people’s lives. Riya is an avid ML developer, an Innovator at The Knowledge Society & is recognized as one of the Top 20 Teen Entrepreneurs Worldwide. Throughout her journey, companies like Google, Microsoft, DMZ and TD have been supporting her.

Her company, SmartCane, is building an enhanced version of the common white cane that was never updated to take advantage of new technologies. The device leverages technology to increase independence and safety through GPS, object detection & computer vision – gaining over $73,000 in funding and assistance from some of the world’s top companies like Microsoft & Google.