RIFT is an artistic interpretation of digital communication in modern contemporary art, intended to connect people together regardless of their location.

In a geological sense, a rift is a fault that creates a physical divide between two spaces. In society, cultural differences, polarizing political views, and prejudice continue to create metaphorical rifts that divide us. Despite technologies for communication being more available than ever, we are still struggling to connect. Bringing digital interactions into a physical space, RIFT uses screens to act as between people and places that are otherwise separated— giving us glimpses of candid moments that may help us reconnect in small, but playful and meaningful ways.

Special thanks to Nicholas Allen, Sarah Kim and Marah Angara who helped conceptualize and realize the initial version of the project


Ahmet Kokulu is a Full-Stack Developer who loves design, currently teaching programming to designers in the Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology at George Brown College. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Post-Graduate certificate in Interactive Media Management.

His problem-solving skills helped him completing multiple projects simultaneously, which had required different skill sets. His passion is to create experiences by combining his programming and design skills, as he believes actual magic is acquired once Technology and Design are merged together. He is always eager to learn new-fledged technologies to be able to provide renewed experiences.