Masterpiece VR

MasterpieceVR is a technology company that is developing the most intuitive and powerful software for content creation using virtual reality. MasterpieceVR’s software extends current professional workflows and opens up new ways for rapid ideation, creation and collaboration in virtual space. Creative professionals and teams can quickly learn to create high-quality 3D content and collaborate with others from all over the world.

MasterpieceVR recently announced a new software Masterpiece Motion, the world’s first professional VR software to accelerate and simplify rigging of 3D models for gaming and animation. For experts and beginners, rigging, skinning, and posing 3D models just got a lot faster and easier to do with virtual reality. The software seamlessly integrates into existing professional workflows, allowing creators to export files to other compatible animation software. Masterpiece Motion will be available April 2019.