Innovent Charrette, Humber College

With education changing drastically and the ability to learn almost anywhere from any piece of
technology, colleges and universities need to reassess what value deliverables they offer
students in the classroom. Humber College is working on better programs, initiatives,
curriculum, and plans to integrate industry experience into the classroom. This involves
partnering institutions, organizations, and industry professionals that bring valuable skills and
teaching methods into course material. Humber College’s School of Media Studies &
Information Technology just finished their first cross-disciplinary collaboration to enhance
learning and teaching methodologies in Fall 2018.

In this international cross-disciplinary ICT project, students from the School of Media Studies and Information Technology and University College Lillebælt in Denmark worked together to provide real solutions for a Danish client, Welfare Denmark. The students from Denmark then came to Canada for an intensive 5-day design charrette to execute their ideas into prototypes and presentations.

Welfare Denmark, a leading company in the industry of welfare technologies, had tasked
students in solving a pressing issue in the field of dementia. How can citizens and patients
suffering from dementia use new technology, new solutions, and alternative data usage to
improve their quality of life. With the guidance of faculty and facilitators, student came up with
their own solutions to present to the client.

This type of project and collaboration allows the students to become more accustomed to
cross-disciplinary collaboration and also working with people from different cultures. This type
of learning can be deeper rooter in valuable experiences and exchanges of knowledge.