“Operation: Zero Blackout”, the training program developed by Hydro-Québec and Ellicom, was recognized not once, but twice at the Canadian Awards for Training Excellence held last week in Toronto by the Institute for Performance and Learning (IPL). This prestigious event is a competition between the major achievements in the training industry on a national level, and recognition at this event is highly valued amongst the industry.

At ellicom, we have made instructional innovation our mission since 2002. With one of the largest instructional and production teams in North America, ellicom is a globally recognized leader in the custom learning solution space with a focus on HR, compliance, security, skills and product training. Our in-house team designs and delivers creative and innovative solutions rooted in research that offer stimulating, and enriching learning experiences. In addition, our business is driven by a dedicated innovation and research lab (the Dream Factory) where we track, monitor and test emerging technologies approaches and ideas before we bring them to market. Our solutions include strategies that span the spectrum from mobile, social, gamified, AR and VR-based all the way to AI and adapted/personalized programs. We are driven by research and design-thinking and an out-of-the box twist to find solutions tailored for every need.

Designed to engage and entertain, our learning solutions have helped advance thousands of individuals and organizations around the globe; and we’ll admit, we’re pretty happy about that. We have developed the pilots who take us to magical places safely, the aid workers who risk their lives to save others impacted by war, the miners who brought up that gold that went into the wedding back that started a family, and the forensic scientists who helped link the bullet to the gun that shot John Lennon whose life inspired us all….. What drives us? Our customers and their success. Great programs with clear ROI. Innovations. Cool ideas. And the ability to put all this together!

Let’s make some magic together.