Autism Reality Experience

The Autism Reality Experience is designed to give participants a virtual experience of living with autism. This is a very practical, hands on experience that gives participants a greater insight into autism and helps us see the world from an autistic person’s perspective. This
experience is suitable for professionals working in health and social care at all levels as well as family members or informal carers who want to have a better understanding of autism. The experience lasts for three hours. It is important that all participants are available for the whole duration of the session.

The following outcomes are covered:

– A virtual experience of autism
– Time for feedback and reflection on own responses/behaviour during the experience
– Sensory sensitivities – our seven senses and how they can be affected by autistic spectrum conditions.
– Strategies to support people with sensory processing difficulties
– How to identify anxiety in someone with autism
– Strategies to alleviate anxieties for people with autism (including the use of TEACCH)
– Exploring the use of sensory items
– Environmental considerations for someone with autism
– An introduction to behaviours that can challenge
– Techniques to manage behaviours that can challenge
– How to access support and advice from other organisations such as the National
Autistic Society