Innovator Profile: Josh Domingues

In this week’s Digifest Innovator Profile, we chatted with Josh Domingues, the founder of Flashfood. The company is tackling the food waste issue, by creating services that encourage sustainable food shopping.

Josh’s first product was an app for environment (and price) conscious grocery shoppers to buy surplus good at big discounts. It was a way for shoppers and grocers to reduce waste and increase savings.

Josh recently launched a second product! Flashfoodbox is an “ugly produce” subscription service that delivers imperfect veggies and fruits to your door.

There is a good chance you’ve seen Flashfood, either accepting Best in Fest award at Startupfest 2017 or maybe pitching on an episode of Dragons Den. Josh’s ability to marry social impact with business smarts has earned him recognition worldwide, including first place in Digifest’s own IT’S A START pitch competition last year!

To learn more about how Josh is taking on the food waste crisis click here:


For more insights from this innovator, read through our full interview here.

Innovator Profile: Lily Tse

Welcome back to our Startup Innovator Profile series. This week we sat down with Lily Tse, the founder of Think Dirty, a mobile app that helps ingredient-conscious consumers to choose the safest beauty products.

Lily created the app out of her own frustration walking down the shopping aisle, and being unable to decipher ingredients in so called “natural cosmetics”, with five-syllable names. Think Dirty’s simple ranking system, does all the research into your cosmetic’s ingredients, so you can quickly understand and trust what you’re using. Check out our full interview here.

Think Dirty was the winner of the inaugural IT’S A START competition in 2012. Since then they have received millions of downloads and are being used by clean beauty shoppers around the world.

Learn more about Think Dirty and how they are making clean beauty more transparent here:


Innovator Profile: Imran Mouna

Welcome to the first Digifest Startup Innovator profile, featuring Imran Mouna, a co-founder of InStage, a startup that is bringing virtual reality (VR) to the corporate world.

For the past few years, people have thought of VR as a glorified entertainment platform. InStage, a Toronto-based startup has been proving that it is more than just games and we are starting to see VR moving away from entertainment and into industries like medicine, real-estate, and commerce.  

You may have seen InStage taking the grand prize of the IT’S A START Pitch Competition this year. Fresh off their worldwide pitch competition circuit, including stops at the Lion’s Lair and OTEC in China, Digifest had a chance to catch up with them. See the full interview here.

Learn more about InStage and how they are bringing VR to a business audience here: