Student Showcase

  Digifest promotes upcoming design talent throughout the three-day festival.  This exhibition showcases a cross-section of the many disciplines of student projects at the graduate and undergraduate levels including Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Media, Animation, Gaming and more. Programs from post-secondary institutions across Canada are encouraged to submit work from their graduating students. It is a unique opportunity for schools to exhibit their work to hundreds of Digifest attendees, the general public, and potential industry partners.

Student Showcase


Centennial College | Community

Community is an app that is designed to meet the communication needs of a diverse, contained community, like a school. For parents, the amount of information and updates from their child’s school can be overwhelming. It’s common for a parent to receive emails from teachers, e-newsletters from the board and parent associations, as well as print newsletters, forms, and permission slips. This information overload becomes even more problematic for parents with more than one child. Keeping track of it all is hard and inevitably something gets missed. On the flip side, schools do not have a streamlined, convenient method in which to communicate with parents, and there is no assurance that they receive the information provided. Community aims to address these issues by offering a single hub where all parties can connect and communicate.

Fanshawe College | J/E Bearing and Machine Ltd. Training Application

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining operators at J/E Bearing and Machine Ltd. impact sectors like defense, agriculture, and food processing. With the ultimate goal to reduce down time and cost, and increase quality of production, Fanshawe is developing a web-based information framework that allows the operators to access critical training materials at their workstation via a tablet application. Based on test research, it is anticipated that this application will increase productivity by twenty-five percent.

George Brown College | TRAVA

TRAVA reimagines a communter’s waiting experience in a future bus stop. Through the use of projection mapping technology, Interactive Media Management (IMM) develops an atmosphere that reduces the stress and boredom of commuters. The bus stop will also act as a micro shipping hub, relieving delivery congestion on city streets and providing a secure method for online shoppers to pick up their packages. While waiting for their hypothetical bus, attendees can play interactive games displayed on a touch screen, pick up mail from postal lockers, or just relax

George Brown College | TTC Redesign

Using the transit system can be a stressful experience for many commuters in Toronto. The project by the Interactive Design Experience Association (IDEA) redesigned the TTC to make it barrier free for all riders. The project includes updated payment systems, upgraded wayfinding system, and a compatible app that includes translation, accessibility options, and customized notifications.

George Brown College | 9 Lives

Even after all his hard work, Lord Louis IV the cat did not get the rest he deserved. In this 2D platform game, a vicious wizard dog has invaded his home and has stolen his other eight lives using wicked powers. With help from the Catastrophic Anachronistic Threat division, Lord Louis IV embarks on an adventure through different eras to retrieve what is rightfully his.

George Brown College | VoidTek

VoidTek is a fast paced retro inspired game where you play as a character encased in a sphere. You have one goal: collect the most light orbs out of all players! But for every light orb you collect, an enemy will be spawned into another player’s box. The better you do, the harder it is for them, and visa versa! Watch out for these enemies, they aren’t as simple as they seem.

George Brown College | Radio Violence

Radio Violence is a competitive and multiplayer strategy game developed by No Sleep, which consists of students from George Brown College. Players control towers to influence the tiles around them. The objective is to gain control of the board through fast pace interactions.

Humber College | Transmedia Fellowship

Humber’s Virtual Centre for Healthy Living is a partnership between the School of Media Studies & IT and the School of Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism. This interactive online experience invites users to engage and discover the colours of their healthy living space. Users create and share a structure that is a reflection of their healthy living interests as they explore videos, quizzes, and games focused on nutrition, behaviour modification, fitness, and cooking.

Humber College | Project Vision

Project Vision is a virtual reality game that offers players the chance to experience what it’s like to have a visual disability. At each level players encounter different challenges relating to types of visual impairments. Using echolocation, the game will use the player’s voice and a virtual walking stick to simulate the experience of being visual disabled.

Sheridan College | Bit Heros Connect

Sheridan College, York Regional Police (YRP), and Hewlitt & Packard partner to create a community engagement game for youth ages eight to twelve. With the help of an augmented reality (AR) device, players help the YRP superheroes restore their powers by collecting bots in the game universe. Players carry a mixed reality headset and virtual reality backpack, enabling them to play wherever they go. With the help of gameplay mechanics, the YRP superheroes engage with players and youth participants learn to work together and interact all while having fun.



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