The Interactive Zone is where the leading ideas and technologies intersect. We will bring visitors on an experiential journey with the newest technology that is used for entertainment, training, and development.

This year we will be showcasing work from leading artist Norman White (Digifest Digital Pioneer), selection of curated works by Tina Sauerlaeander and Erandy Vergera, Augumented Reality installation titled Reblink by Impossible Things.

2018 Interactive Zone Highlight

Project H.E.A.R.T

Project H.E.A.R.T. is the code name for the Holographic Empathy Attack Robotics Team, a biosensor-driven virtual reality artwork. Visitors are invited to explore this a virtual world through VR where you have to control your emotions as a first person shooter to control the leading character. 

Artwork is a collaborative project between Erin Gee and Alex Lee, Curated by Tina Sauerlaender and Erandy Vergera.

Enter Me Tonight

Enter Me Tonight creates a VR environment engaged with issues on human reproduction, economy, biology, pornography and technology. In this virtual experience, the viewer will find themselves in the middle of seven cloned versions of the female fictional character DeNA.

Artwork is created by Li Alin and curated by Tina Sauerlaender and Erandy Vergera.

New Media Artwork by Norman White

The Interactive Zone will highlight artwork by Norman White, Digifest 2018 Digital Pioneer Award Recipient. 

Norman is recognized as an early pioneer of electronic, machine and robotic art. He started his career as a painter and later shifted his practice to kinetic electronics in the late 60’s. He presented his first collection of new media work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1969. His electronic work merges motion, sound, movement and light. 


ReBlink provides a modern day recasting of the past. It is a digital intervention project that refreshes the traditional gallery viewing experience. Facilitated by augmented reality technology and shape recognition, established works of art are layered with an alternate re-imagining of the work.

2017 Interactive Zone Gallery


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