Painting From a Virtual Perspective  

Tilt Brush by Google Workshop

with Olga Nabatova

Tilt Brush by Google is a 3D painting virtual reality application. In this workshop, interdisciplinary artist Olga Nabatova will give a brief summary of the software and its features while creating original works of art. She will show some of her existing compositions, and will show attendees easy-to-learn tips and tricks that will help them create their own beautiful 3D creations. Once learning the basics, attendees will be given the opportunity to create their own original art in VR. Don’t worry, no prior art or tech skills required — Tilt Brush by Google is extremely intuitive.

View the many other Tiltbrush by Google design on our YouTube channel here

About Olga Nabatova

Originally from Lithuania, Olga has been living and working in Canada since 1992. She has worked for the last 10 years running a successful children’s theatre. During the productions she wears many hats: set design, prop creation, costume design, installations, photography and videography. In her own practice she paints cartoons for cultural performances in and around the GTA. Her true passion is creating 3D sculpture portraits in bronze and terracotta which has found their way to private collections in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and Canada. After discovering VR art and Tiltbrush, she now uses the painting software as her new art form and tool for creative expression.

Learning the Digital Landscape  

Advertising Technology 101

with Janice Liu

In today’s connected world, graduates need to have a wide range of practical skills to operate in the digital marketing and digital advertising fields. In this workshop, attendees will learn the basic understanding of how the digital ad technology looks like and how everything is linked together from one of Canada’s leading digital advertising agencies, Cossette MediaAttendees will gain insight into the following topics: third party and first party cookies, pixels and tagging, programmatic buying and landscape, geo-targeting and mobile marketing. Attendees will need to have a basic understanding of the digital space.

About Janice Liu

Janice Liu, Director of Digital Solutions and Operations at Cossette Media, leads a team that drives performance marketing strategy for all of their clients across finserve, telco, ecomm and more. Janice has led and managed large cross-functional teams to achieve business objectives on both the agency as well as client side. Janice has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, with a heavy focus on performance and acquisition programs to drive online sales and revenue. Janice is passionate about technology and the ability to leverage digital interactions to drive personalized, client-centric experiences.