Meet the Media Guru Presentation

The Future of Light

Join Carlotta de Bevilacqua, Vice President of Artemide (Milan, Italy) and President of Danese Milano for the Meet the Media Presentation at Digifest 2017.  In her talk, Carlotta will be showcasing her vast work as an experience designer in the field of light. With numerous patents and awards for her inventions, Carlotta brings an investigative mind to all facets of light and how a blend of humanism and science will take a leadership role in manufacturing technology. This is bound to bring about a radical change in our way to relate with light and in its interaction with the IoT space.


About Carlotta de Bevilacqua

Carlotta de Bevilacqua is an Italian architect, designer and entrepreneur. She is currently the Vice President of Artemide and President of Danese Milano. Her products have been selected for several international exhibitions on contemporary design as well as being recipients of the IF Product Design Award, Red Dot Design Award and Wallpaper Design Award. Under Artemide and Danese she has been conducting research on the next generation of LED lighting, filing numerous patents and creating innovative new designs in lighting fidelity technology and IoT for future innovations in the field of light.

About Meet the Media Guru

Meet the Media Guru is a series of events featuring international leaders in digital culture discussing topics that include new models of digital communication, new media, social networking, architecture, fashion, design, art and science, entertainment, environment and economy.

Founded in 2005 by Maria Grazia Mattei in Milan (Italy), Meet the Media Guru has became an ongoing event with the most eminent voices in new media culture and innovation. Meet the Media Guru has established itself as a reference point in a growing community looking for how new technologies in different sectors can impact the future. By partnering with Digifest, Meet the Media Guru creates a bridge between Italian and Canadian forward-thinking projects.