Interactive Zone


Digifest 2017 is currently searching for some of the brightest minds and biggest ideas for inclusion in the Interactive Zone: an exhibition that will focus on projects, products and performances that are working to expand the interactivity of our day to day lives.

In the Interactive Zone, leading ideas and technologies will break the mould of how we work, learn and play.


Focus on technology’s adaptation to the workplace; the innovations that influence our productivity, motivation and collaboration.


Focus on sorting through the overwhelming amounts of information that surround us; the ideas and technologies that allow us to absorb information through interactivity.


Focus on the diverse ways we interact with each other both online and offline, the latest developments in immersive technologies, gaming and beyond that bring us together as communities.

Whether through playing, making, moving, creating, or gaming, guests will interact with startups, entrepreneurs, inventors, students, or creators alike are encouraged to submit potential exhibitor projects by providing a brief proposal online.

Please include detailed information about the project’s experience, duration, and the spatial and technical requirements.