Interactive Zone

Welcome to the Interactive Zone

The Interactive Zone is where the leading ideas and technologies intersect to explore the future narrative of the way we Work, Learn and Play. We will bring visitors on an experiential journey that investigates the new and emerging worlds being built for virtual reality, augmented reality, question the optimism that artificial intelligence could play in our future communications; and connect makers, coders with robotics to inspire a world where prototypes and expression come together.

Don’t miss George Brown College’s Interactive Media Management’s interactive kindergarten project and the Interaction Design and Development’s project featuring an augmented reality pong experience where the world of computer generated and real-world environment collide.

We are also introducing a “Game Lounge” where emerging and independent game studios will be showcasing their latest games to the public. Here attendees will be able to connect, meet and interact with the creators.

321 Maker

321Maker is the easiest way to get started with the Arduino platform without having to know how to build electronic circuits . Our shield lets learners focus on building really cool projects without the added complexity of having to hookup devices or use breadboards.


Amnia Interactive

Amnia Interactive is a small independent software studio located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Currently specializing in Virtual and Augmented Reality development, Amnia Interactive strives to create technologically-relevant software that is self-aware, artistic, emotional and connected.



Our mission is to make free Wi-Fi more available in cities. We will do this by offering BIAs free data analytics in return for them subsidizing their constituent businesses’ Internet costs. This way, businesses can cheaply offer fast Internet freely to customers , BIAs get access to valuable data analytics that can provide them with valuable insights, advertisers can cheaply advertise on the Besify platform, and consumers get more access to free Internet.


Bitr Blok Games

Bitr Blok Games is the current collective of George Brown’s Game Design students. Although we come from incredibly diverse backgrounds, we all share one thing in common: our love of making games. From mobile to PC, we enjoy creating all sorts of games that are interesting, unique, and fun.

Bitr Blok Games will be featuring SEVEN games in our Games Lounge extension of the Interactive Zone.


Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first museum in the world solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. It is the first national museum in Canada to be built outside the National Capital Region. Using multimedia technology and other innovative approaches, the Museum creates inspiring encounters with human rights appropriate for all ages, in a visitor experience unlike any other.


Claire Brunet

Trans: duRéel auVirtuel is a virtual reality (VR) experience that explores the concept of identity through diverse artistic mediums inside an immersive environment. A sense of self is conveyed throughout the experience, underlining the present time when technological developments are broadening the notion of identity. The project builds on different indoor and outdoor approaches to 3D scanning technology, including body digitizing, to create figurative sculptural forms that are experienced by the viewer as objects of introspection in virtual space. Through scanning technology, I aim to appropriate objects of meaning that convey a deep sense of cultural identity.

Cyborg Art Collective

The Cyborg Art Collective strives for art that provides a bridge between science/philosophy and the general culture. Focusing on artwork surrounding the interaction between humans and technology. We work in the realm of automation of creativity, virtual reality, and autonomy from the computer. We question technology’s power and influence over us, blurring the lines between who’s in control…the user or program.


Discovr Learning

Discovr is a VR platform for educational discovery and instruction. We create educational virtual reality content, and the tools for students and instructors to create their own content.


Handsome Dog Studios

Handsome Dog is Ragtag band of video game makers in Toronto. Our featured mobile game, Lamplight, let’s you take a relaxing journey from your backyard to the beach, while lighting your way with nature’s light bulb, the firefly. Play along, relax and watch the bugs dance to our in house music.


5 Horsemen Games

A group of 5 students currently enrolled in Sheridan College’s Game Design Degree program. We do not consider ourselves a “company” so much as a group of indie game devs. We do not and cannot profit from this game, as such we have more geared towards allowing players to experience the overall design intention of our game. We are passionate about games and we love talking our design goals, personal industry and educational experiences, as well as our desire to increase awareness on the negative effects of deforestation.


Institut Francais

Digifest and the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Canada are proud to present “French Touch of the web creation”.  This presentation features eight documentaries that were curated by Institut Francais in collaboration with Transmedia Immersive University.

 Seasons: Morphosis
Interactive haikus
Alma, a tale of violence
Prison Valley
Gaza / Sderot
Journey to the end of coal

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Little Robot Friends

Little Robot Friends create connected toys and apps for learning code and electronics. Designed for age 7 and up, our products make learning code fun and engaging, encourage the creative exploration of math and music, and inspire curious minds to discover their inner inventor.


Secret Team Games

Secret Team Games is a Toronto indie game development studio working on their fist game Gravaxis, a 2D gravity defying sports game for PC and macOS, slated for release in 2017.

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Stitch Media

Stitch Media is an interactive production company focused on building innovative digital experiences and meaningful audience engagement using new technology. Our projects span web, mobile & games that push the boundaries of what’s possible. We are known for innovative interactive design that puts the player at the centre of the story. Our work has been recognized nationally by the Digi Awards, Applied Arts Magazine, and the Canadian Screen Awards and internationally by UNESCO’s World Summit. 




We produce outstanding VR and AR content for domestic and international markets. We offer modular free standing units that integrate VR headsets, motion seating and powerful PC’s.  We distribute our content to arcades, museums and industrial training facilities.