Virtual reality is growing and improving all the time, and it’s exciting to see how the industry is putting its best foot forward at Digifest to show us how immersive the technology can be.

Jumping Into The Ultimate Exhibition

The Ultimate Exhibition is a art installation created in the original Doom game engine, and the Cyborg Art Collective (Cy Ar Co) has found a way to integrate VR technology to extend game-play in a unique way. To start the immersive experience, the player dons a backpack, goggles, and a hefty replica of a gatling gun that is designed to be heavy in order to demand attention from the player even before the game starts. The goggles films the surrounding space, which sends the stream of information to the computer housed in the backpack. From there, a skin is rendered by the same engine that Ultimate Exhibition uses and also adds bad guys for the user to shoot, just as it is in the game.

Reimagining Your Physical Space

The key advantages to using the world around you as the foundation of the game are:

  • new landscapes that aren’t limited to immutable maps or terrain that’s generated by the game;
  • the game’s landscape can exploit the beauty of nature or the expertise of city planners, which opens many new doors of user experience;
  • gaming can take place outside of the home, which directly challenges the way people think about playing video games.

If this idea makes you think — it should! The team behind Cy Ar Co has a deliberately philosophical angle to the way they think and approach their projects in order to push the boundaries of technology from a humanist perspective. Even their hardware solutions are carefully designed and made in-house by Cy Ar Co, which is tailored for each event that they attend.

Cy Ar Co will be at Digifest in the Interactive Zone on Friday and Saturday, so drop by to meet the team behind the Ultimate Experience, who have travelled from Netherlands to be here!

Cindy Choi
Digital Copy-editor