VRGEN is a fully-immersive virtual reality experience that brings together powerful hardware to completely engage users while they are inside the VR world.

The VRGEN exhibition is surrounded by a line of attendees who are eager to see what the technology is like because the experience is not obvious by watching a player as they’re seated and playing BountyVR, which was built using Unity 3D. Motion is simulated by a chair that swivels around, and the chair’s movements are timed with events as they happen in-game. In addition to the chair, there is also headphone and VR goggles to feed stimulus to the eyes and ears of the player. One thing is clear though as the players remove the equipment after trying out VRGEN — suspending disbelief is not difficult.

Exclamations of fun and excitement can be heard throughout the interactive zone as players quickly forget that they’re imagination has taken over their experience.

The target audience is quite varied:

  • Entertainment and gaming facilities,
  • Home entertainment systems,
  • Industrial applications where real-world training is expensive, dangerous, or limited to certain times or places.

The full setup includes a podium that provides atmospherics to further provide an enhanced experience.

The exhibitors are showcasing BountyVR, which is one of the games that you can play in the VIVELAND VR theme park, in Taiwan. The game features flying aliens that your character chases in your spaceship.

Take some time and see for yourself how powerful the experience is or stop by to talk to one of VRGEN’s knowledgeable representatives.

Cindy Choi
Digital Copy-editor