Tilt Brush is the software made by Google to let users create 3D digital art using virtual reality technology.

When the user puts on the their VR goggles, which right now can be either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive, they immediately see a space which turns into their canvas to paint. In place of a paint brush, there are handheld devices that the user can hold while sensors detect the hands’ movements. The digital artifacts can be played around with when the users:

  • walk through the art, passing through the different layers seamlessly;
  • view the brush strokes from different angles so that users are engaging with it as if it were a sculpture;
  • maneuver the painting without disturbing it, which means that users can’t really “touch” it, but they can do things like sit “inside” the art, looking out.

The different ways to manipulate your brush stroke include:

  • Changing the width of the stroke,
  • Rotate or resize portions of the painting,
  • Undo or redo changes,
  • Choose from a variety of brush-stroke types
  • Pick a colour and even brightness of your brush stroke to create neon-lights and sparkling elements.

Tilt brush has attracted many prominent artists to try out this new medium, which is bringing legitimacy to the tool as an acceptable way to do art, but most of all, it is a fun way to create art. Come down to Digifest to see for yourself how Tilt Brush brings out your inner artist. You can view the many art worlds created at Digifest 2017 on their YouTube channel here.