We all know the common knowledge that gets mentioned again and again in an effort to make us all better students and employees, but if those mottos are the only thing that gets you up in the morning, you’re missing out on so much more! Of course it’s good to serve others and the community around you; however, you can also take some time out of the day and pause whatever you’re doing for some “me-time”. This list will focus on what you’ll get out of Digifest 2017.

  1. The beautiful weather

Digifest is held at the Corus Quay building, and the atrium which holds the speaking events has its back facing the water, which is looking fabulous today. What’s cooler than taking a break between speakers to people watch as pedestrians show off their sunglasses to help them manage in the sun?

  1. The awe-inspiring quotes

Satish Kanwar, VP of product at Shopify, shared his most popular tweet which is pinned on his twitter, and it summarizes some general principles which helps him and his team navigate the waters of e-commerce.

  1. The infectious enthusiasm of gamers

Over half the exhibitors in the Interactive Zone and Student Showcase combined are games that are being demoed, which means people are invited to come by and play them. Every so often, you’ll hear the liveliest cheers (or the hilarious simultaneous groan) echoing throughout the event space. If you’re curious, you can even try them out yourself!

  1. The food trucks

On Thursday, there was The Arepa Republic and The Great Canadian Food Truck. On Friday there was Buster’s Sea Cove. Plus, the event is being catered by the tasty La Prep.

  1. The conversation

Everywhere you look, people are talking to each other, exchanging contact information, and sharing their insights on what they’ve learned. It’s a low-pressure environment for meeting people and even networking, if that’s what you want. For those of you who are bold, there are many opportunities to socialize.

Whatever you’re looking for, make it a priority to seek it out. Digifest can be as fun and rewarding as you make it!

Cindy Choi
Digital Copy-editor