This year’s theme, “Money, Privacy, Pleasure” will showcase the most innovative trends driving change today.

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Surveillance is not new, but is happening in new ways, and at a larger scale. After Snowden it isn’t a question of whether the violation of personal privacy has gone too far. What can be done at an individual level? And, how will we renegotiate our value of privacy as a society?


Cryptocurrencies challenge basic aspects of modern money, by being: stateless, easily transferred across borders, finite in quantity (e.g. Bitcoin) and being more transparent with the potential to become even more anonymous. How will the next generation of entrepreneurs use cryptocurrencies? And how could the broader adoption of them disrupt everyday economics?


Enjoyment, entertainment and sensation – the search for pleasure fills the smallest slivers of our day. The problem of having a spare moment has been solved through the seamless streaming of content. How do we/will we experience pleasure through media?

Explore transformations in Privacy, Money, & Pleasure at Digifest 2015.

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