Exploring how people experience pleasure through media

The Pleasure Room exhibition engages the body, the brain, and people’s social
nature to explore how shifts in technology and media influence the experience
of pleasure. Art and nonart experiences will be highlighted that attract guests
different senses, and that are processes in themselves. Visitors will be invited
to play, make, sweat and just generally linger with each experience which will
expand, reframe and rewire our notion of pleasure.

The ByoMate Testing Lounge
ByoLogyc with The Mission Business

Trevor Haldenby

Cosmetics of the future from a fictional company; the future of intimacy, seduction and sexual identity where pleasure is controlled by a corporation.

Deathwiff 3000


Olivier Albaracin, David Somiah Clark, Milin Li, Nima Navab and Ana Tavera Mendoza

Deathwhiff 3000 is a four-player cooperative game that integrates a system for scent delivery that associates key odorants with characters in the game. The Deathwhiff 3000 is the scent delivery hardware that is at once a virtual and physical device – both the characters in the game and the players in the physical world are connected through the use of the device. In this way, it pushes the sensory experience of a traditional screen/controller game by relying on the players’ sense of smell in order to differentiate characters in the game.

Exhibit of Exhibits with Veillance Flux


Dr. Steve Mann & Ryan Janzen

You’ll wear META glasses (world’s most advanced AR headset) to get an Augmediated Reality tour of the entire exhibit hall. Plus, experience a hidden world and see sight and visualize vision [Janzen and Mann, 2014]. See META-information about the other exhibits, as well as the hidden world of vision “emitted” by other cameras around the exhibit hall.



Stephan Tanguay

Hadouken!!!! Dodge, shoot and block attacks from enemies in this virtual reality based experience that uses your hands (through Leap Motion) to generate powerful fireballs you can shoot at your enemies.

BreqLabs Gaming Glove


Jigdel and Martin, Breqlabs

On the premise that humans should interact in an intuitive manner with computers, and frustrated by the limitations of existing devices, BreqLabs started working on a new sensor glove in 2013. They set the goal of creating an unprecedented wearable experience for users, seamlessly interpreting and capturing every finger and hand movement. It took until 2015 to finally deliver a sensor that will allow any software developer to incorporate reliable hand gestures into their application.



Dr. Steve Mann

A tonal acoustic musical instrument played by direct physical contact with water where sound is generated or affected hydraulically.

Perfect Woman


Lea Schönfelde & Peter Lu

Inspired by “psychological tests” we know from magazines, the game asks the question: How perfect are you? Be careful with your choices, because all decisions in life come back to you at some point!

Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine

Dr. Steve Mann

“When I was 12 years old, back in the 1970s, I mounted an array of lights to a long wand that I could wave through the air in a darkened room while the lights were driven by an amplifier. This allowed me to sense and receive various things and “display” them on the light stick, so that I could see sound waves, radio waves, and most interestingly, sense sensing itself.”

Sound Ball (Dancehauling)


Marla Hlady

Soundball (Dancehauling) is an instrument/sculpture that viewers can manipulate to generate their own sound compositions. Developed in collaboration with musician Eric Chenaux, the sounds are based on Norwegian Hardinger fiddle music interpreted through bowed guitar. Previous iterations of this sculpture include a smaller version produced as an artist multiple (Sound Ball) and a percussion instrument used for music performances.

Voyeuring the Apparatus


Digital Dramaturgy Lab

Altering our everyday understanding of time and reality, the piece focuses on our relationship to time and technology, exploring elements of endurance, the movement of the body through time, and of course blue as it relates to our history and understanding of the world, particularly its appearance in most digital devices.

Digital Dramaturgy Lab (Nazli Akhtari, Antje Budde, Monty Martin, Karyn McCallum, William Mackwood, Michael Reinhart, Alfred Renaud, Don     Sinclair, Richard Windeyer)

Your Face has Secrets



The exhibit, “Your Face Has Secrets”, showcases a state­of­the­art system for facial analytics through the eyes of a real­world application of targeted advertising. A smart display will assess your age and gender and will personalize the advertising content based on this information.

Live Music Set

Felix Kubin

Join Felix Kubin as he performs two music sets based on his composition “Entre les incidences” which was written for and premiered at the festival: Presences Electroniques in Paris. Performances will take place on Saturday, May 9 at 12:30 pm & 2:00 pm.


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